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Don't give away 20% of your money

Backed by years of industry experience, our system knows what works when it comes to collecting. We give you the tools to collect while also keeping you compliant and safe. All for far less than others would charge.

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“Dash Billing has been super easy to use  ... I feel like I work more efficiently!"
Julie M
RD Fuller
"We saw an immediate increase in payments, total collected, and payment schedules! "
Melissa K.
Roehl Transport Inc.
"User-friendly, modern, Extremely effective."
Shawn J.
Elite Recovery
“The results from Dash Billing are far superior to other systems that we have used in the last several years."
Kristina H.
Premier ER & Urgent Care
Designed with the payer experience in mind

Our application was designed to streamline payments, helping you get paid on time and more often.

Responsive - Payments can be made on mobile or desktop.

Intuitive - Tested and honed to provide a seamless experience.

Simple - There is no fluff and complications, just what people need to pay.

Customizable communications

Choose from a proven pre-selected template, or create your own message. And Dash Billing ai takes care of the rest.

  • Automate text and email
  • Smart delivery schedules
  • Let Dash Billing ai take care of the rest

Real-time stats at your fingertips

Dash Billing lets you see how your billing efforts are performing with our real-time, in-depth dashboard. Evaluate performance with trends and filtering, helping you to see just how much money you are collecting.

Automate your account receivables and collect more for less

Your customers are used to paying online with the tap of a button. Offer them a billing experience that allows them to pay in the moment that works for them.

Take back control of your accounts receivables.

Learn how Dash Billing can help you increase on-time payments and boost  relationships.

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Getting on-time payments doesn't have to be a headache.

A centralized hub for all accounts
Monitor social activity and organize all posts, reviews, and customer engagement from a single platform.
Syncs directly with your existing process
Deliver content that resonates with your customers. Keep track of what is working, with engagement tools.
Eliminate payment calls that should occur onlline.
Track campaign performance across all social media with detailed reports. Gain a clear picture of what’s working, and what isn't.

Compliance and Trust

HIPPA Compliant
Build strong online communities with our customer care tools. Get access to relevant audience data, and accurate reports on performance metrics.
Devise a publishing strategy and organize posts across profiles, networks and campaigns witha visualized calendar.
SOC 2 Type 2
Measure the metrics that matter with custom, auto-generated, exhaustive reports. Use actionable insights to boost your ROI.
Greater insight into collection processes
Keep up with trends every single day. Gather feedback to help strategise new product, service and content ideas.